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Keep your employees, customers and organisation safe with screening & prevention

A simple solution to a complex problem

How To Protect

The Problem

Over the coming weeks the government will be allowing businesses, shools, universities and organisations to reopen under strict conditions. Screening and temperature monitoring of all persons arriving and departing from work has become a mandatory requirement of businesses.

Keep.Out.Covid Screening solves for this challenge. Our screening can take place anywhere and will be valid for 24hrs. This can be done at home or at the point of entry. But it must be done and it must be recorded. At any time the government or department of labour may request this information. If you fail to produce it, you could be shut down or fined. In addition it will be your responsibility to ensure that those who fail screenings, are flagged and assessed by a medical practitioner for further consultation and COVID-19 testing where appropriate.

For more detailed information, refer to the Government Gazette of April 29 2020 page 10.

Temperatures Checked

It is recommended that all employees, visitors and customers have their temperatures checked when they arrive at the workplace.

Symptom Questionnaire

All employees, visitors and customers must be asked COVID-19 symptom questions prior to or on arrival  at their workplace or your business.

All Information Collected

All COVID-19 screening data and temperature readings needs to be recorded and stored.

Risky Employees / Students/ Customers Flagged

Before an employee/student returns to work/school, they require a negative swab granting them clearance.

For detailed info download the full Government Gazette below

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Our Solution

Screening App

The Keep.Out.Covid Screening App for the individual to do pre-screenings at home or before arrival. For every successful  screening the individual will receive an access code valid for 24hrs for quick and easy verification on arrival.

Scanning App

The Keep.Out.Covid Scanning App for the organisation to verify successful pre-screening access codes and record temperature readings in real time. For the individuals or visitors that don’t pre-screen, use the scanning app to do onsite screening.

Infrared Thermometer & Temperature Recording

An infrared non-contact thermometer to capture temperatures onsite and match them in real time to successful screenings conducted before arrival.

Secure Database Collection

A closed database collecting an individuals screening and temperature information in real time. Reports made available daily to designated manager or on request by authorities.

Network of Doctors

A network of doctors available to respond in real time to all employees/students flagged screening results and available to issue medical certificates where required.

Our Solution

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The Benefits

Early detection and intervention

Less COVID-19 in the workplace, school or your business

Less absenteeism in the workplace, schools or universities

Safety for staff, students and customers coming to work, schools and businesses

Manage and flag unwell employees or students

Compliance with Govt regulations

Our Pricing

PERSONAL Personal Use Only for Screening
  • Screening app and weblink to complete COVID-19 screenings before entering workplace or business
  • Unlimited COVID-19 screenings
  • Access code to be verified by company school or business
  • Screening notifications

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SME/School License (restaurants, bars, schools, salons, medical suites ect) (1 month)
  • Unlimited employee or customer screenings (app and weblink)
  • Screening notifications to user
  • Access QR code generation valid for 24hrs with multiple entry scans
  • Access to data report for authorities
  • Recording actual temperature to user record on entry scan
  • Access Control Scanning App
  • Unlimited users
Enterprise (ideal for multiple locations and business with more than 300 employees) Complete Solution
  • Unlimited employee screenings (app and weblink)
  • Screening notifications to user
  • Screening notifications to medical practitioner
  • Access QR code generation valid for 24hrs with multiple entry scans
  • Access to organisation data dashboard for multiple locations
  • Custom reporting
  • Daily report sent to a dedicated workplace manager
  • Medical practitioner notifications
  • Link to organisation assigned medical practitioner for issuing of medical certificates and failed screening consultation
  • Recording actual temperature to user record on entry scan
  • Onsite screening for users without screening access code
  • Access Control Scanning App
  • Access code sent via SMS
  • Walking screenings
  • Downloadable QR codes for users with out smart devices
  • Onsite support support
Optional Extras

Smart Device Rental

R 800 per month / per device

(excluding delivery)

Discounts on offer for rentals of 10 or more smart devices


Electronic Temperature Reader

Various different makes and models

From R 1200 – R 1800  (once off fee)

Price on request

Cashless/Contactless Payments Systems

Contactless cashless solutions for canteens, tuckshops, voucher issuing and redemption.

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Enteprise Solutions

Need more than 100 devices or a dedicated white label organisation screening app, access app and screening data.

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